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Welcome To vSelfLearn

Learning Management Software

vSelfLearn is a powerful LMS software using which you can easily manage your entire Online learning program on a fully scalable and flexible platform.

Welcome To vSelfLearn

Learning Management Software

Take your School Online With vSelfLearn.

Features And Functionality

Learning Management System

LMS solutions enable online training to your students, employees, B2B partners, etc., a seamless, scalable experience of the “built-in learning platform features” for a stress-free experience.

vSelfLearn-A one-stop LMS platform for everyone. It provides a medium for conducting online courses by educators, conducting online classes by schools, coaching / training centers, and all other education institutions. This allows students to continue studying comfortably at home, even during the pandemic, while at the same time tracking performance.

Our Mobile App

vSelfLearn LMS Mobile App

vSelfLearn is a mobile app enhance learning anytime, anywhere, both online and offline.

This LMS app enhances the accessibility and flexibility of your LMS training.

Keeping your training in your pocket ensures that your students always have access to the right training to handle their tasks.

A mobile learning solution that is free to use on compatible Android devices and is convenient for all types of learning.

Who can use our service?

Schools, Education Institutions

Coaching Institutions

Enrichment Course Centers

Corporate Trainers

Online course Trainers

vSelfLearn (User Roles and Interfaces)

Why Choose vSelf learn, What LMS Features Help Your Organization Do Better?

You don't have to train in a very powerful and sophisticated system. Our friendly and professional support team is always waiting for everything to go smoothly.

  • Summarised Notes, Videos, Audios,PPTS
  • MCQ/Descriptive Type Exam/ Result Upload Functionality
  • Integration with Zoom, Live Chat, White Board
  • Open Room discussion between Principal, Teachers, Students and Parents
  • Onlineclassroom/ Course Section/ Events/ Notification/ Poll
  • System Login : SuperAdmin/ Admin/ Teacher/ Parent/ Student
  • Notices/ Group discussion/ Notification/ Feedback/ Alerts
  • Students Analyses/ Performance/ Badges upgrades automatically
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